Vintage embroidered owl

A good friend of mine’s birthday was approaching and I needed to find something unique, a little crafty (she’s a very crafty lass) and I know she loves owls, so Iwanted to emcompass that too.

A couple of years ago a vintage clothing shop near my friend in Hebdon Bridge in Yorkshire was closing and everything was 20% off plus 10% off at the till! “Right”, I said to myself, “Im only spending £50”.  A couple of hours later and a lot more than £50 down I emerged with, amoung my hoard, 16 fantastic 1920’s and 30’s Girl’s Own and Woman’s magazine periodicals.  They are such a fantastic read and have so many fab adverts.  However, one of the best things about them is the editor’s answers section.

I found one question asking “We have had an Argument about knitting on Sunday.  Will you decide for us?  Is it right or wrong?”  I just love it and the answer goes on for 8 paragraphs!  As this friend is a huge player in the knitting scene, it was perfect for an embroidered owl over the top.

I used printable fabric from and machine embroidered an owl over the top:


It’s really spurred me on to make more embroideries in the future and using printable fabric as the background really adds something to the whole look.



One response to “Vintage embroidered owl

  1. This is amazing! You’re a very creative gal and an inspirational one too 🙂

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